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Transferring Cases

At times, you may need to transfer your case to a different case manager. When you do, the recipient must have the required privileges to handle the case, otherwise there may be different results when the case is viewed after a transfer. That is, the recipient must have access to the locations and users specified in the case to be transferred.

To ensure a successful case transfer, consult your NetGovern administrator to adjust case management rights before transferring cases.
  • In the User ID filter field, enter the name of the case manager to which you want to transfer the case. Press Enter or click List Users.
  • A list of case managers is displayed.
  • Select the case manager and click OK.
  • One of the following happens:
  • If the case manager you selected has compatible access privileges, the case is successfully transferred.
  • If the case manager does not have the correct privileges, you are prompted to select a different case manager. For example, in the following illustration, the selected case manager is missing access to locations and users.
If needed, contact your NetGovern administrator to adjust privileges and try transferring the case again.