Remediating Live Mail

Case managers can take a series of actions to remediate live mail results of a compliance case.

  • Quarantine a message, which retracts it from a user inbox and allows further options.
  • Restore a retracted message to a user inbox.
  • Delete a message, which permanently deletes a message and does not send it to quarantine.
  • Delete a message from quarantine.
  • Confirm that no action needs to be taken on a message.

When a message is in quarantine, it is no longer in the user inbox. Once you are certain that the message should be deleted, this action will delete it permanently from the quarantine and it will no longer be accessible to the case manager.

The steps below take place in the NetGovern Search portal. As covered in a different part of the guide, the case manager can perform most of the same actions by email when alerted to results through a Compliance Audit Report—see Alerts.