Previewing Messages and Documents

You can preview messages and documents. NetGovern Search supports over 600 file formats including all versions of Microsoft Office, Corel, AutoCAD, Adobe, and more.

By default, the Document view displays a list of the documents in the archive. Click a document to preview it inline or in a fixed side pane where you can see its contents, add comments, and tag/untag messages. You can also view the other properties and tags of a document.

Side pane preview

Inline preview

When previewing documents, several tabs of information are displayed: Preview, Properties, Audit, and Tags. The number of tabs displayed depends on your role. Audit managers and auditors can view all four tabs of information for emails and three tabs for documents (there is no Audit tab for documents). If you are an end user, you can view two tabs of information.

When previewing selected items, you can arrange the tabs to suit your viewing preference. For example, it may be more helpful to see the properties of a selected item than its contents and vice versa.

As a time-saving measure, you can scroll through previews of messages and documents when using inline previewing.

You can preview an attachment by clicking on it.