Roles in Data Auditing

Your role in the data auditing process determines your access in NetGovern Search. That is, you will have access to certain features in NetGovern Search and not others. This alleviates system administration and security concerns around unauthorized data access.

If you have not been given access to NetGovern Search or are not sure of your role, contact your supervisor. You cannot log in without this information.

The various roles are:



Audit manager

Audit managers can perform the following:

  • Create, track, manage, edit, export, and save audits.
  • Assign rights to other users.

Only a audit manager has full management rights. However, you can grant manager rights to someone on your team.

The super user role has been replaced by the data audit administrator role.


Auditors have a subset of the rights of a audit manager; they can view, search, comment, tag, save, and export audits–everything internal reviewers or external counsel may need to perform a data audit.

Auditors cannot open new audits, or close existing audits.


Reviewers are restricted to working on the search results of audits assigned to them by the audit manager or auditor. They can view, comment, tag, and save audits.

End user

End users can only access their own mail archives.